Are YOU Ready to Develop Master Coordinator Thinking?

Watch Roland Oosterhouse and other Master Coordinators in this 8 week recorded Zoom training for YOU and your team. This training archive is available for all Shaklee business leaders who are interested in building to Master Coordinator, and helping others do the same. It's designed to Train Coaches and also to Coach Coaches.

Understanding The Dream Plan - we need to know it so well that we can explain it in our sleep. We'll show how we can best talk with people about the Sales Plan, focusing on Social Marketing.

Focusing On The Future - how to help other people focus on the future. Going beyond goals. How to help people with their belief.

Building In Depth - how to work with a large growing organization (so no one falls through the cracks).

How to Be a Great Coach - help people learn to be coached, and then how to be a coach.

How To Develop 10 New Directors In The Next 12 months.

Working with "Next Generation" Leaders - explaining the basics of how our business works.

How to Work With A Large Growing Organization - keeping up when things start really growing - helping people who may be falling through the cracks.


You'll have access to all of these monthly Zooms, plus special recordings throughout the year to help you as you grow. There are now more than 20-videos (in addition to the core 8 videos). In addition, you'll be invited on to a live monthly Zoom to celebrate successes and ask questions!


Your Cost For Participation

Each session is approximately one hour and has been archived for you to review. Your cost to participate is just $129 for the first year, and $69 for each additional year. This is to help us maintain the site into the future as we add new materials monthly. MC Mentors now includes access to Dr. K Sow's 6-hour workshop from August 8, 2020. You'll receive a separate login for each.

If you'd prefer to just have access to Dr. K Sow's 6-hour workshop from August 8, 2020, you can access that for just $49.




Note: All videos are for your personal use only. We ask that you not share any of the content from this site. We encourage you to have your builders register for themselves so they have complete access to the recordings AND the monthly Zoom with Roland and the team.




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